New 2021 Morgan Silver Dollars & Peace Dollars

2021 Morgan Silver Dollars

The United States mint has officially confirmed the release of new 2021 Centennial Morgan and Peace Dollars. These coins are to be 99.999% pure silver however. The original Morgans and Peace Dollars were 90% silver.

The US Mint says they will strike 5 different Morgan Silver Dollars.

5 Types of 2021 Morgans
  • 2021 P Morgan Silver Dollar
  • 2021 D Morgan Silver Dollar
  • 2021 S Morgan Silver Dollar
  • 2021 CC Morgan Silver Dollar
  • 2021 O Morgan Silver Dollar

The 2021 CC, and 2021 O will not be minted at the Carson City or New Orleans mint as those mints no longer exist.

2021 Peace Dollars too?

2021 Peace Dollars will also be issued, but without a mint mark, and only from the Philadelphia mint.

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