Worlds Most Popular Coins

From the iconic Morgan Silver Dollar to the beloved Chinese Gold Panda, these are 7 of the most popular coins from around the world.

United States: Morgan Silver Dollar (1878-1904,1921)

The Morgan Silver Dollar is probably the most iconic coin to ever have been minted in the United States. Issued between 1878-1904 and then again in 1921 this coin is composed of 90% and 10% copper. The Morgan was minted in large numbers and is a staple amongst world coin collectors.

Morgan Dollar

United Kingdom: Gold Sovereign (1817-Present)

The British Gold Sovereign has been used as a store of wealth and a symbol of power for centuries. It was first minted in 1817 making this the oldest coin on the list at over 200 years old. The current issuance contains St. George slaying a dragon while riding a horse on its reverse, and Queen Elizabeth on the obverse (front). The obverse will likely change in the coming years as it generally features the current reigning monarch. Updated: Current issue of this coin has King Charles III on the front, and Jody Clark’s interpretation of the Royal Arms on the reverse. These coins are 22 karat gold.

Gold Sovereign

Canada: Maple Leaf (1979-Present)

Of all the coins on this list the Canadian Maples leaf may be the most popular. The Canadian Maple is a series of gold, silver, platinum, and even palladium coins minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. First issued in 1979 the Maple has quickly become the Gold Standard if you will, for all Gold and Silver coins. At .999 (three nines) gold this coin is also the purest. The current Canadian Maple has a Maple Leaf on the reverse, and Queen Elizabeth on the front.

Canadian Maple Leaf

China: Gold Panda (1982-Present)

These Chinese Gold Panda is a gold bullion coin from the People's Republic of China.It was first created and issued in 1982 making it a newcomer to the world coin state.This coin is uniquely collectable in that the design changes annually. This coin comes in many sizes but as you might guess the 1oz version is the most coveted. This coin is also 99.9% pure like the maple.

Gold Panda

Australia: Kangaroo (1986-Present)

The Australian Kangaroo, sometimes called the Gold Nugget is a gold bullion coin that was created by the Perth Mint in Australia. Like the Canadian maple the front is graced by Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse displays the Australian Kangaroo. This coin is the newest in terms of first issuance on this list.

Gold Australian Kangaroo

South Africa: Krugerrand (1967-Present)

The South African Krugerrand was first minted in 1967 and is named after Paul Kruger, a prominent South African historical figure. This coin is 22 karat gold like Gold Sovereign. The Krugerrand's popularity led to other countries adopting gold bullion coins for investors.

Gold outh African Krugerrand

Mexico: Libertad (1982-Present)

The Mexican Libertad is issued as both Gold and Silver bullion and minted at the Mexican Mint. The obverse features the Mexican coat of arms, and the reverse displays the Winged Victory statue which is a symbol of Mexico's independence. It is also available in various sizes.

Gold Libertad

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