Nickel $0.53 Per Oz - Rates Sat Jun 2024


  • 1 oz: $0.53 USD
  • Price Per Pound: $7.73 USD
  • Price Per Kilo: $17.04 USD
  • Melting Point: 2,651 F
  • Density: 9 g/cm3
  • Atomic Weight: 59

About: Nickel is much harder than gold, silver, copper, platinum, and even Zinc. Nickel provides improved durability when added to Copper to form the basis of most modern coins.

Nickel is the unsung hero of metals. It is used in everything from electric car batteries to stainless steel appliances. Have a look at its many uses below. Because of its abundance however its very cheap.

Copper Nickel alloys have replaced silver as our primary metal used in coin. While the coins are tangibly not worth anything now, they are much more durable and scratch resistant.

What is Nickel used for? coins,alloys, stainless steel,jet engines,power plants,medical equipment,cookware,electric car batteries,rechargable bateries

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