Silver $22.66 Per Oz - Rates Mon Sep 2021


  • 1 oz: $22.66 USD
  • Price Per Pound: $330.46 USD
  • Price Per Kilo: $728.52 USD
  • Melting Point: 1,763 F
  • Density: 10 g/cm3
  • Atomic Weight: 108

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About: Silver is one of the primary precious metals used in creating coins. Used throughout history to give value to common every day coins. Coins that can purchase everything from a livestock to clothes, silver is valuable enough to facilitate these trades. If you are looking for rings then be sure to get 925 Sterling silver. Most rings will turn your fingers green as the metals react with your finger, 925 Sterling silver will not.

What is Silver used for? colloidal silver, coins, electronics, photography, sterling silver jewelry, tableware


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