1909 Penny on Mars?

Believe it or not but a 1909 VDB Penny has been on a mars rover collecting dust for over 6 years. A red cent...on the red planet. That's a first for the numismatic community.

NASA's rover Curiosity has been roaming around on Mars collecting data and photos since 2012. It's mission was to collect data for a total of 687 earth days, or 1 year on Mars. Part of the calibration system used to focus and fine tune the cameras includes one 1909 VDB Lincoln Cent. In the photos attached the penny has been exposed to more than 6 earth years worth of martian dust, freezing temperatures, solar radiation, and more.

A Martian Penny Worth Millions?

I just hope that one day Elon Musk or NASA find a way to recover the penny, and bring it back to earth. Can you imagine that auction? For sure the Penny would sell for a cool million or more. It's the first interplanetary piece of currency in the history of the human race. I don't think you can even put a price tag on that. It’s sale would likely beat that of the 1943 Copper and 1943 D Copper Pennies.

Elon Musk 1909 VDB Penny

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