Platinum $1,062.01 Per Oz - Rates Wed May 2024


  • 1 oz: $1,062.01 USD
  • Price Per Pound: $15,487.65 USD
  • Price Per Kilo: $34,143.62 USD
  • Melting Point: 3,215 F
  • Density: 21 g/cm3
  • Atomic Weight: 195

About: Platinum is a silvery white precious metal thats value is more closely related to golds price per ounce than silver. Roughly 80% of the worlds Platinum comes from South African desposits, and another 10% from Russia. Platinum is highly resistant to corrosion much like gold. Platinum scratches easier and is less durable than Gold, White Gold, and Silver. Platinum does have a higher density than gold. Meaing a Platinum ring will weigh more than a gold one of the same size and shape. Platinum is the 3rd most traded precious metal in the world. 50% of all Platinum mined is used in making catalytic converters. Platinum requres chemical processing to reach a pure state making production cost higher.

What is Platinum used for? catalytic converters, coins, bullion, trading, jewelry, cancer therapies

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