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Silver, being one of the most widely used precious metals in history, undoubtedly comes in many shapes and purities. Use our handy dandy silver melt calculator below will help you figure real-time values of various silver weights, and purities. Please save this page and come back, and consider sharing the link on your favorite social media platform. Learn how to use

How to calculate silver price using your favorite new free silver app

  1. Weigh your ring, necklace, coin or pendant at home using a digital scale. If you don't have a digital scale visit amazon where you can purchase one for around $10. If you don't have $10 USD to spend and/or don't want to wait for the scale to come in the mail, just ask a shop to weigh it for you.
  2. Enter the numeric digits into the calculator decimals and all. Example 4.56 or 14.56. If not decimal points enter in whole number 4 or 14 as an example.
  3. Find the purity. This can be a little tricky. If an old silver coin it is likely 90 Pre 1964 Coin Silver, if the words sterling appear anywhere then select 925 sterling. If it's a bar or coin also known as silver bullion then it's likely 99.9% If a necklace, look near the clasp for a tag that looks like this.
  4. Use the dropdown to select the purity based on your findings from number 3. Example 90% Coin silver or 92.5 Sterling Silverk
  5. Lastly make sure the correct measurement is selected. By default that is oz, but it may also be gram, pound, kilo, pennyweight, tola, or tael. Just for kicks we added a Metric Ton option too, if by chance you have a metric ton of gold give us a call, we want to be your new best friend.
  6. That's all there is to it. The results will be displayed in the result field which is by default in USD.
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