Protecting Your Coin Collection

Coin collecting is one of the few hobbies that can also be considered and investment. On top of that you will learn; history, minting processes, patience, and better organizational skills.

Along the way you will learn that protecting your coin collection is not just an option but a must. Without proper protection you will degrade the quality and value of your coins significantly.

Do Coins Need Protecting?

Yes coins are made of metal, but metal still needs protection. Metal against metal will cause the most damage. Coins scratch and ding other coins and cause significant degrdation to quality. When speaking about high end coins the differenct between an MS65 and MS63 can be the smallest of dings.

How Does It Effect the Value Of My Coins?

Any scratches or discolorations can take a coin in pristine condition and turn it into pocket change. Also, our skin produces oils and acids which will actually etch metal, given enough time. This means even handing a coin directly can cause damage. Even one fingerprint left to etch into a coin can devalue it. Improper storage in coin boards or flimsy cases can also allow for coins to be damaged.

What Can I Do To Protect My Coins?

Isolate them as quickly as possible. For coins you purchase from banks or at coin shows in rolls, handle the rolls as little as possible until they can be properly stored. For coins purchased from the mint, already stored in hard cases or from numismatic agencies, do not remove the coins from the protective cases for any reason.

What Products Might I Need?

Here's a quick list of products you'll want to have on hand to best protect your coins:

  • Hard plastic cases especially designed for coins is best.
  • Hard plastic tubes for rolled coins
  • For lower quality coins, coin boards will work
  • Coin albums and wallets are great for organization
  • Hard cardboard or press-board boxes are great for storing and organizing cased coins
  • A current valuation guide such as Whitman Publishing's Red Book or digital resource like

Remember to handle your coins as little as possible. White cotton gloves may be appropriate for handling very high end coins.

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