1921 D Walking Liberty Half Dollar

The 1921 D version of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar is worth on average $35,000.00 if in Mint State (uncirculated), while one in poor condition will have a value of just $125.00. If the coin has an error, or is certified this will further add to the appeal and raise it's price numismatically speaking.

1921 D Walking Liberty Half Dollars have some seriously low production numbers. Just 208,000 were minted at the Denver mint. This coin is considered a key date. A 1921 Walker in any condition is worth more than $100. This is an important date to remember when collecting Walking Liberty Halves.

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Check out the price chart for the top coins in this series. Prices based off high end conditions that have been certified.

$35,000 1921 D Walking Liberty Half Dollar
$17,500 1919 D Walking Liberty Half Dollar
$15,450 1921 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Known errors. Coins in order by date. To learn more about each error simply click on the read more link.

Rotated Die Rotated die errors are known and certified. Rotated die errors occur when the coin ro...
Double Die Double Die Obverse, and Double Die Reverse Walking Liberty Half Dollars are known and...
Clipped Planchet A clipped planchet error occurs when the planchet is struck and clipped. You may want...

Rare Coins. Key and Semi-Key Dates to remember. Based on various factors.

1938 D 1938 D Walkers are considered Semi Key possibly even Key Dates. Again $100+ for the l...
1921 D 1921 D Walkers are key dates due primarily to the fact that only 200,000 of these wer...
1921 Just 246,000 of the 1921 Walking Liberty Dollars making these a key date. $100+ for e...
1919 D 1919 D Walker Half Dollar is a key date to remember, low end versions still worth ten...


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Common Questions

Issues vary with mint mark locations. 1916 and 1917 versions will have mint mark on the front right under In God We Trust. Later versions will have the mint mark on the reverse of the coin adjacent the left claw of the eagle and under the olive branch.

Mint Mark

Lady Liberty can be seen on the obverse (front) of the Walking Liberty Half dollar holding olive branches.

Walking Liberty Half Dollar

The Walking Liberty Half Dollar has a weight of 12.50 g.