18k Gold Price Per Gram $56.87 - Live Price

18k Gold Ring Gold Gram Weight

  • Per Gram: $56.87
  • Per Oz: $1,768.91
  • Per Kilo:: $75,827.06

About: 18k gold price per gram is currently $56.87 (price is live updates every 30 minutes), and $1,768.91 per oz. 18k gold is made of 75% gold and 25% other alloys. Those other alloys are generally; 10% copper, 8% nickel, 4.5% zinc, and 2.5% silver. This blend adds amazing durability and color to wedding and engagement rings. Most engagement rings are either 18k or 14k gold for this reason. Other blends used for 18 karat engagement and wedding bands are 75% gold, 25% platinum or palladium. 18k blends have now replaced the older 21k Gold blend that was previously found in antique jewelry. If selling an 18k gold ring of you should expect to receive more for a ring with a gold / platinum allow. Does 18k gold tarnish? 18k gold will likely not tarnish at all.

Uses: coins, electronics, large transactions, storing wealth, backing currencies, food, decoration

Neat Fact: All the gold ever mined throughout human history could fit neatly into a 60ftx60ft cube.

Gold Rates Per Karat Per Gram

If you plan to sell to a cash 4 gold or pawn shop use these reduced rates instead for your gold / yellow gold items..

Karat Purity Price Gram
24k Gold 99.999% $75.83 USD
23k Gold 95.798% $72.64 USD
22k Gold 91.7% $69.54 USD
21k Gold 87.498% $66.35 USD
20k Gold 83.299% $63.17 USD
19k Gold 79.166% $60.06 USD
18k Gold 75% $56.87 USD
17k Gold 70.83% $53.69 USD
16k Gold 66.66% $50.58 USD
15k Gold 62.5% $47.39 USD
14k Gold 58.33% $44.21 USD
13k Gold 54.16% $41.10 USD
12k Gold 50% $37.91 USD
11k Gold 45.83% $34.73 USD
10k Gold 41.66% $31.62 USD
9k Gold 37.5% $28.44 USD
8k Gold 33.33% $25.25 USD
7k Gold 29.16% $22.14 USD
6k Gold 25% $18.96 USD
Karat Purity Price Gram

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