21k Gold Price Per Gram $51.13 - Live Price

21k Gold Ring Gold Gram Weight

  • Per Gram: $51.13
  • Per Oz: $1,590.32
  • Per Kilo:: $58,434.23

About: 21k gold (also known as 875 gold) is perfect gold for making jewelry. Current rates are $51.13 per gram or $1,590.32 per ounce. 21 karat looks similar to pure 24k gold while at the same time providing some scratch resistance and durability from the added 11.5% other metal percentage. 21k gold is not as widely used as some of the other karats however. It is mostly used in older styles of antique jewelry.

Uses: coins, electronics, large transactions, storing wealth, backing currencies, food, decoration

Neat Fact: All the gold ever mined throughout human history could fit neatly into a 60ftx60ft cube.

Gold Rates Per Karat Per Gram

If you plan to sell to a cash 4 gold or pawn shop use these reduced rates instead for your gold / yellow gold items..

Karat Purity Price Gram
24k Gold 99.999% $58.44 USD
23k Gold 95.798% $55.98 USD
22k Gold 91.7% $53.59 USD
21k Gold 87.498% $51.13 USD
20k Gold 83.299% $48.68 USD
19k Gold 79.166% $46.28 USD
18k Gold 75% $43.83 USD
17k Gold 70.83% $41.37 USD
16k Gold 66.66% $38.98 USD
15k Gold 62.5% $36.52 USD
14k Gold 58.33% $34.07 USD
13k Gold 54.16% $31.67 USD
12k Gold 50% $29.22 USD
11k Gold 45.83% $26.76 USD
10k Gold 41.66% $24.37 USD
9k Gold 37.5% $21.91 USD
8k Gold 33.33% $19.46 USD
7k Gold 29.16% $17.06 USD
6k Gold 25% $14.61 USD
Karat Purity Price Gram

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