Gold $1,751.02 Per Oz - Rates Mon Sep 2021


  • 1 oz: $1,751.02 USD
  • Price Per Pound: $25,535.72 USD
  • Price Per Kilo: $56,295.29 USD
  • Melting Point: 1,948 F
  • Density: 19 g/cm3
  • Atomic Weight: 197

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About: GOLD is the most sought after precious metal in all of human history. Ancient civilizations considered GOLD to be from the heavens. While all other materials decayed or oxidized GOLD remained in perfect condition. Because of these properties ancient people began using it to facilitate large transactions. Gold and gold coins cant be used for normal everyday transactions, but they can be used purchase larger more expensive items. Because gold is very rare its an excellent backer for currency. All the gold ever mined in human history could fit into a giant 60ft x 60ft.

What is Gold used for? coins, electronics, large transactions, storing wealth, backing currencies, food, decoration


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