1932 S Quarter

The 1932 S version of the Washington Quarter is worth on average $5,000.00 if in Mint State (uncirculated), while one in poor condition will have a value of just $100.00. If the coin has an error, or is certified this will further add to the appeal and raise it's price numismatically speaking.

  • Year: 1932
  • Mint: S
  • Type: Washington Quarter
  • Mintage: 408,000
  • Metal: 90% silver 10% copper
  • What's it worth?: $5,000.00 to $100.00

1932 was the first year Washington Quarters were minted. The 1932 S Washington Quarter had a rather limited number of coins issued. Just 408k were made.

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Check out the price chart for the top coins in this series. Prices based off high end conditions that have been certified.

$18,000 1932 D Washington Quarter
$5,000 1932 S Washington Quarter
$1,100 1936 D Washington Quarter
$500 1934 D Washington Quarter
$225 1934 Washington Quarter
$26 1974 D Washington Quarter
$25 1967 Washington Quarter
$16 1974 S Washington Quarter
$14 1974 Washington Quarter
$12 1966 Washington Quarter

Known errors. Coins in order by date. To learn more about each error simply click on the read more link.

1934 P Light Motto 1934 Light Motto is one of the easier errors to find if you are looking. The Motto on...
Clipped Planchet

Clipped planchet errors occur when the die clips the planchet or coin cutting a ro...

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Double Die Double Die Washington Errors occurred when the die struck the Quarter Planchet more t...
Missing Clad Layer Missing Clad Layer Layer errors occur when the outermost layer of nickel or zinc is o...

Rare Coins. Key and Semi-Key Dates to remember. Based on various factors.

1964 1964 was last year that the Washington Quarters were produced as 90% silver coins. Th...
1936 D 1936 D is a key or semi key date to remember....
1934 D The 1934 D Washington Quarter is a key date and worth more than most....
1933 No Washington Quarters minted in 1933. If you have one you are a Wizard....
1932 S 1932 S is a key or semi key date and one of the most valuable of Washington Quarters....
1932 D The 1932 D Washington Quarter is a key date as it was the first year the coin was iss...


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Common Questions

From 1932-1964 the mint mark was located on the reverse bottom of the coin just under the eagle. From 1968 and on the mint mark was located on the front of the coin to the right of Washingtons neck.

Mint Mark

The 1st President of the United States of America George Washington. Image based off a statue. His teeth were not made of wood despite popular belief. They were made from human teeth, as well as cows teeth, and even lead. George Washington didnt want to be a president. George also loved his animals, especially his dogs. The image below is from a bust of Washington based on a life mask cast in 1786. This is likely a more accurate representation of what George Washington actually looked like. The coin is based off a similar statues profile.

Washington Quarter

The Washington Quarter has a weight of 6.25 g.