1911 D Wheat Penny

The 1911 D version of the Wheat Penny is worth on average $500.00 if in Mint State (uncirculated), while one in poor condition will have a value of just $5.00. If the coin has an error, or is certified this will further add to the appeal and raise it's price numismatically speaking.

  • Year: 1911
  • Mint: D
  • Type: Lincoln Wheat Cent
  • Mintage: 12,672,000
  • Metal: 95% copper 5% zinc
  • What's it worth?: $500.00 to $5.00

1911 D Wheat Pennies are worth slightly more than the Philadelphia minted 1911 Wheats in most instances. Again looking for the RD (Red) over the RB (Red Brown). Red worth quite a bit more if you can find one. As color is a bit of a guessing game, you will probably want to buy this certified and let a 3rd party like PCGS and NGC finalize the color.

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Check out the price chart for the top coins in this series. Prices based off high end conditions that have been certified.

$8,000 1914 D Wheat Penny
$4,000 1914 S Wheat Penny
$2,500 1909 S Wheat Penny
$1,800 1916 S Wheat Penny
$1,400 1912 S Wheat Penny
$1,250 1911 S Wheat Penny
$1,200 1916 D Wheat Penny
$925 1915 S Wheat Penny
$900 1915 D Wheat Penny
$725 1912 D Wheat Penny
$550 1912 Wheat Penny
$500 1911 Wheat Penny
$500 1911 D Wheat Penny
$500 1915 Wheat Penny
$460 1913 S Wheat Penny
$425 1913 D Wheat Penny
$425 1916 Wheat Penny
$375 1913 Wheat Penny
$180 1909 Wheat Penny
$180 1910 S Wheat Penny
$180 1914 Wheat Penny
$100 1910 Wheat Penny
$45 1944 Wheat Penny
$20 1943 Wheat Penny

Known errors. Coins in order by date. To learn more about each error simply click on the read more link.

1955 Tapered Planchet 1955 Tapered Planchet Wheat Penny has a planchet base that is tapered making it thick...
1944 D over S The 1944 D/S or D over S wheat penny. When the mint restruck D cents on coins that al...
1943 D Struck Through 1943 D Struck through error. This occurs when foreign material is pressed into the co...
1943 S Off Center 1943 S off center wheat penny strike....
1943 D Bronze Struck

A 1943 D Penny struck on bronze sold for $840,000 at Heritage Auction in January 2...

1943 Steel Offcenter In 1943 the United States mint issued steel wheat pennies to save copper for the war....
1942 Aluminum Cent This 1943 Aluminum Cent is made from 98% aluminum and has an extra thick planchet, an...
1941 DDO The 1941 DDO (Double Die Obverse) wheat penny is pretty hard to spot as copper is sof...
1922 D No D 1922-D No D error is a 1922 D Wheat Penny that has no D mint mark. Somehow in 1922 th...
Cent Stukken Planchet

A 1943 penny struck on a .25 cent stukken planchet sold at heritage auctions for $...

Double Strike Double Strikes errors are very easy to spot, as you can see from the image attached. ...

Rare Coins. Key and Semi-Key Dates to remember. Based on various factors.

1931 S The 1931 is a key date wheat penny....
1914 D The 1914 D is a key date wheat penny....
1914 S The 1914 S Lincoln is a key date wheat penny...
1912 D 1912 D is a semi key date. These coins in decent condition can fetch around $5 while ...
1909 S The 1909-S is a major key date....
1909 S VDB The 1909 S V.D.B. is a key date wheat penny....


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Common Questions

The mint mark is located on the right under the date. If no mark is present the coin was produced at the Philadelphia mint.

Mint Mark

The 16th president of the United States President Lincoln is on the front of the Wheat Cent. The Penny is the first widely distributed coin to feature an American President. Previously coin faces were reserved for Kings, Queens, and Royalty.

Wheat Penny

The Wheat Penny has a weight of 2.5 g.