1904 S Barber Half Dollar

The 1904 S version of the Barber Half Dollar is worth on average $80,000.00 if in Mint State (uncirculated), while one in poor condition will have a value of just $65.00. If the coin has an error, or is certified this will further add to the appeal and raise it's price numismatically speaking.

  • Year: 1904
  • Mint: S
  • Type: Barber Half Dollar
  • Mintage: 553,000
  • Metal: 90% silver 10% copper
  • What's it worth?: $80,000.00 to $65.00

1904 S Barber Half Dollars are by some accounts the most valuable Barber Silver Halves. San Francisco produced just half a million halves at their facility in 1904. G and VG versions can fetch $60 on the low end and for MS versions your talking tens of thousands of dollars for a single coin. Super rare MS67+ versions have sold for over $100,000

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Check out the price chart for the top coins in this series. Prices based off high end conditions that have been certified.

$80,000 1904 S Barber Half Dollar
$17,000 1893 S Barber Half Dollar
$5,500 1895 S Barber Half Dollar

Known errors. Coins in order by date. To learn more about each error simply click on the read more link.

Offcenter Strike Off center strikes occur when the coin planchet is struck off center by the die leavi...
Rotated Die Rotated Die errors occur when the coin strike on the front doesnt line up the the coi...

Rare Coins. Key and Semi-Key Dates to remember. Based on various factors.

1915 1915 is another key or semi key date. Just 138,000 of these were ever minted. Many me...
1914 1914 is a key date in Barber Half Dollar collecting. Just 124,000 were minted....
1895 S 1895 S is as difficult a date as any in the Barber Half Dollar Series. Key Date or Se...
1893 S 1893 S is as difficult a date as any in the Barber Half Dollar Series. Key Date here....


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Common Questions

You can find D, O, and even S mint marks for this year. They are located on the reverse of the coin bottom center under the eagles tailfeathers. If no mint mark is found the coin was minted in Philadelphia.

Mint Mark

Lady Liberty is featured again on the front of all the Barber Coinage. The Head of Liberty is gazing to the right can be seen on the front of all the Barbers. Lady Liberty is based off the old Godess of Liberty, they are possibly one and the same.

Barber Half Dollar

The Barber Half Dollar has a weight of 12.50 g.