1921 Peace Dollar

The 1921 version of the Peace Dollar is worth on average $1,720.00 if in Mint State (uncirculated), while one in poor condition will have a value of just $100.00. If the coin has an error, or is certified this will further add to the appeal and raise it's price numismatically speaking.

  • Year: 1921
  • Mint: No Mint Mark
  • Type: Peace Dollar
  • Mintage: 1,006,000
  • Metal: 90% Silver 10% copper
  • What's it worth?: $1,720.00 to $100.00

The 1921 Silver Dollar is one of the most iconic pieces of numismatic history. 1921 Silver Dollars visually have been etched into the psyche of Americana being used in everything from Batman (2 Face) to Gangster movies. 1921 was the first year that the Peace Dollar was issued. The words In GOD we TRVST are present on the front.

Peace dollars in general are readily attainable yet still fun to collect. Morgan Silver dollars, the series before this, are a little harder to both find and more expensive to own. If you are looking to collect silver dollars and don't want to spend too much money it may be worth your time to first focus on Peace Silver Dollars. Peace dollars were released smack dab in the middle of prohibition error in the United States.

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Check out the price chart for the top coins in this series. Prices based off high end conditions that have been certified.

$19,000 1928 S Peace Dollar
$4,000 1928 Peace Dollar
$1,720 1921 Peace Dollar
$1,250 1922 S Peace Dollar
$105 1922 Peace Dollar

Known errors. Coins in order by date. To learn more about each error simply click on the read more link.

1923 Whisker Jaw The 1923 Jaw Whisker could easily be passed over as a simple bag mark or ding. It is ...
1922 Filled Die The 1922 filled die error occurs when the die is filled with foreign material of some...
1922 VAM Series There are many variations of VAM errors for the year 1922. These are small lines or b...
Planchet Clip Rim Planchet Rim Clip Peace Dollar. This error occurs when the planchet is clipped off du...
Double Die We have seen several Double Die errors certified by major companies. Look for doublin...
Curved Clipped Planchet Peace Dollar Curved Clipped Planchet is similar to the regular clipped planchet. Curv...

Rare Coins. Key and Semi-Key Dates to remember. Based on various factors.

1928 P 1928 P minted Peace Dollars are key dates due to the relatively low mintages of just ...
1928 S The 1928 S Peace Dollar is the most valuable of the Peace Dollars. This key date is w...
1927 S 1927 S Peace Dollars selling on high end for $6,000...
1921 High Relief High Relief means the coins details extend further from the coins blank smooth face. ...


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Common Questions

Bottom left on reverse. Below the word one, and above the tip of the wing. Mint mark rather small.

Mint Mark

The Goddess of Liberty is on the obverse. Teresa de Francisci was the model used to create the profile. The reverse has a majestic bald eagle. Teresa de Francisci was born in Naples, Italy on May 4, 1898. The coin itself was designed by her husband Anthony de Francisci.

Peace Dollar

The Peace Dollar has a weight of 26.73 g.