23k Gold Ring Per Gram $73.22 - Live Price

Looking to sell your 23k gold rings or necklaces? This page shows you what your jewelry might be worth at a Cash 4 Gold or Pawn Shop. Rates are per gram or oz, not the total value of the ring or necklace. Weigh your ring then try using the calculator below. If looking to buy or sell person to person please use these rates instead.

23k Gold Ring

Shop Fees: *Businesses operating within normal margins may offer you between $51.25 and $60.04 per gram for your 23k gold rings. This of course discounts any gems that may be included. Fees will range from anywhere between 18% to 30%, and have already been calculated into the values listed. These prices are live and based off the current spot of price of gold per oz $2377.37.

About: 23karat gold is 95.798% pure and currently going for $73.22 a gram or $2,277.47 oz. While 23k gold is super refined, gold of this quality is not always the best option for jewelry. Something like 22k or 18k gold has the same luster and color but with the added hardness you get from combining gold with other metals.

Why Fees: Shops are businesses and have to keep the lights on, pay rent, pay employees and so on. They make the money to do these things by buying and selling gold / platinum / silver rings and jewelry at discounted rates. In other words they buy jewelry for less than its worth with the hope that later they can sell it for its true value and make enough money to pay their bills.

What Karat Is My Ring?: On the inside rim of the ring there should be a faint marking that says 23k / 23ct, or some other number. This number lets you know the gold content of the ring. Once you have found the karat use either the chart on this page or the gold calculator to figure out how much your ring is worth. The data listed on this page is realtime.

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Gold Ring Rates Per Karat Per Gram

If you are selling your gold ring you can expect to get these rates based on karats per gram of gold.

Karat Purity Price Gram
24k Gold 99.999% $53.50 - $62.68 USD
23k Gold 95.798% $51.26 - $60.04 USD
22k Gold 91.7% $49.06 - $57.47 USD
21k Gold 87.498% $46.82 - $54.84 USD
20k Gold 83.299% $44.57 - $52.21 USD
19k Gold 79.166% $42.38 - $49.64 USD
18k Gold 75% $40.13 - $47.01 USD
17k Gold 70.83% $37.88 - $44.37 USD
16k Gold 66.66% $35.69 - $41.81 USD
15k Gold 62.5% $33.44 - $39.17 USD
14k Gold 58.33% $31.19 - $36.54 USD
13k Gold 54.16% $29.00 - $33.97 USD
12k Gold 50% $26.75 - $31.34 USD
11k Gold 45.83% $24.50 - $28.71 USD
10k Gold 41.66% $22.31 - $26.14 USD
9k Gold 37.5% $20.06 - $23.50 USD
8k Gold 33.33% $17.82 - $20.87 USD
7k Gold 29.16% $15.62 - $18.30 USD
6k Gold 25% $13.38 - $15.67 USD
Karat Purity Price Gram

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